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Trippy Visuals, Man

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  1. I saw the top photo in No Logo. Do you know who shot these photos?

  2. I actually thought they were Rockwell-from-hell paintings, rather than photos…

  3. Me confuse photo with painting. Bizarro hit himself with head.

  4. Well, with all those compression artifacts whizzing around, it’s hard to tell, anyway.
    They might be photos….

  5. I’ve seen these things before, too, and I believe they are indeed paintings. Question being: who’s the painter?

  6. Why, that’s Chris Woods, an artist originally from my neck of the woods. I’ve been a fan of his hyper-real religious-icon style for a while now.
    The Dreamland exhibition is gorgeous, too.

  7. So these images aren’t corporate-sponsored?
    Damn, I must be getting old. I can’t figure out who the good guys are anymore.
    I’m pleased to hear that the artist is Canadian (and lives in Chilliwack!) and that these images are adbusting in spirit.
    Or are they?
    My irony gland is borked.
    (Also : thanks, Heather!)

  8. Ooo, I was quite taken with this one:

    Hope you don’t frown on inline images in comments, Chris.. And thanks for the info, Heather!

  9. My favorite on that McPage is “Angel’s Revenge.” If the notion of McDonald’s as guardian angel isn’t creepy enough, there’s that bald-headed, orange-shirted guy on the right who, with his complicit trust in McDonald’s, is among the most frightening of icons in Woods’s work.

  10. And thanks, Heather!

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