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I just watched Mulholland Drive, and David Lynch has once again pleasantly nobbled my brain. Recently re-read David Foster Wallace’s piece on Lynch from his anthology “A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again”, which got me all het up about Lynch again. Eraserhead and Blue Velvet were big faves of that ol’ gang of mine, back in my university days, but I still haven’t seen Twin Peaks or Lost Highway.

Just wanted to mention that this thread at Metafilter is of great assistance if you’re trying to puzzle out exactly what the hell was going on in the movie…

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  1. Did you also recently re-read “E Unibus Pluram” form the same book, cos I did?
    That might go a long way toward explaining why you and me(two fairly well-known cynics) were coming out in favor of quixotic idealism last night in that tree-sitter thread over at the ‘filter.
    Just a thought.

  2. Coincidentally enough, we (my wife and me) just watched “Pretty As a Picture” – a kind of bio about Lynch filmed around the time “Lost Highway” was released and highly recommended if you are “into” Lynch. And if you are “into” Lynch you really must make “Twin Peaks” (the pilot {beware the pilot available on VHS which contains a cheesy tacked on ending}and first season, at least)and “Lost Highway” priority viewing. You might also be interested in “The Straight Story” – a (no pun intended)fairly straight story for Lynch based on a true account about a man traveling cross country on a glorified lawn mower to visit ailing kin.

  3. The Straight Story was kind of weird and depressing for me. Not sure why. And I still have the brain that leaked out of my ears after watching Lost Highway in a little paper cup on my window sill.

    NOT to mention the fact that Infinite Jest has been kicking my arse for years. I mean, YEARS. I make progress, and then I get lost in the footnotes. It’s the only book I’ve ever wanted to read and couldn’t.

    I’m a persistant motherfucker, though.

  4. Still haven’t caught Eraserhead, Mulholland Drive or The Straight Story…but I like David Lynch movies as much as Joel & Ethan Coen’s works.
    I recommend Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Even if you never caught the TV show. Hell, it was better–Lynch didn’t have to tone down any sex or violence.

  5. Speaking of Metafilter… where is it?
    (And there’s nothing quixotic about tree-sitting, damn it. It works.)

  6. Yikes! MeFi done gone bye-bye.
    I suspect it might have something to do with Blogroots, Matt’s new project. The placeholder page for that URL is also timing out.

  7. It’s not the new server, it’s the T1 line I’ve heard. It’s mass panic I suspect.

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