New Zealand’s TV3 has apologised after a graphic labeling United States President George W Bush a “professional fascist” flashed up during its prime time news.”
This amuses me a great deal.

GWB - fascist oops.jpg
Trippy Visuals, Man

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  1. Nonsense. He’s a bumbling amateur. Rummy, Cheney, Ashcroft and Poindexter are the professionals.
    More seriously, I wrote them an email outlining the characteristics of a fascist state. Maybe they’ll risk the wrath of the howling baboons and do a story.

  2. ha! i’m so glad you were able to grab the screen shot. mind if i steal it from you?

  3. Go for it, Anna – I hoiked it from elsewhere myself!

  4. Professional?! Please, the man is an incompetent moron by the standards of the real fascists. Claiming he’s a fascist is insulting to Hitler, Franco, and the poor clown Mussolini. Surely those tower a good many heads and shoulders above Bush in sheer diabolical impact.
    Now if they had put “Professional Puppet” instead, that might actually have been correct. He’s the shaky, tongue-twisted moron whom Rummy et al trot out when they need a proxy to speak to the world.

  5. Alright so he’s a moroon, we know this; but what of his poodle, Tony Blair? What’s his excuse?

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