This just in! George Bush has declared part of the Axis of Evil!

My mom would be so proud.

My mom would be so proud, even while she’s wondering if I’m going to die up here at the DMZ for Bush’s lies, too.

Trippy Visuals, Man

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  1. Ok, tell the truth, that’s not really the Shrub, that’s you in a silly rubber mask. Frankly, I think you look hideous in that thing.

  2. damn that’s funny.
    and this american hopes you don’t die for bush’s lies.

  3. yep. what’s more important than helping the starving nKorea citizens is that you stay safe and happy.

  4. Good one, pukey. I have this feeling that if Americans were really interested in helping starving and dying North Koreans, they’d have done so 4 years ago, when the famine was at its height, and when about 2 million of them died. And that Shitweasel Bush would have thought twice about cutting off fuel oil supplies in October of last year, which effects the general populace more than anyone, ensuring that more would die this winter.
    Got two words for you, one of which begins with the letter ‘f’. If you’re going to heckle, mate, at least try and display a modicum of intelligence, mmkay?

  5. stav, thanks for responding to that one.
    ya know, i know a lot about the situation in korea because i have a husband who spent a significant amount of time over there while in the army. i’ve heard the stories, i’ve done my research… and my conclusion is that the koreans suffer year round, but especially during wintertime. i was appalled when bush cut off the fuel supplies because i could predict the north korean reaction. if bush cared, he’d send fuel, period. if bush cared, he’d engage the north korean government rather than blow them off like it doesn’t matter (which is essentially what he’s doing). by taking no action, he’s basically nullifying the diplomatic progress made over the past decade between the koreas.
    let’s face it stav, this issue is way too complicated for the average sheep to comprehend.
    baaaa, pukey, baaa!

  6. stav,
    buddy, pal, are you saying because we haven’t done anything in the past.. that we don’t have the right to do something now? no wait. i know… you are saying that bill clinton was an idiot and a political opportunist. i agree.
    the US is the largest donor to the food program for nKorea.. problem is.. the food goes straight to the government and they distribute how they see fit.
    we would have done something long ago about nKorea but south korea gets a vote in that matter. what changed things was the norths admission of nukes. now our safety is in jeopardy and the south’s opinion may get trumped. this isn’t just about helping the people of north korea but i cringe at people that don’t want a war just because they won’t be safe (or that their economy might be damaged) while others suffer. maybe a little forethought on your part about moving to korea would have been in order if you were worried about your safety.

  7. I’m not at all worried about my safety, pukey. I’ve said here and elsewhere that I’m quite sure nothing dangerous is going to happen. Your accusation that I am one of those people who “doesn’t want a war just because they won’t be safe (or that their economy might be damaged) while others suffer” is purest fabrication.
    Once again, I have said publicly that as much as I despise the current American administration I despise the scum leading the DPRK more, and would almost be glad to see a war to rid the place of their nastiness and maybe save a few lives.
    So, effectively, the basis for your heckling would have seemed to just be a cheap shot at me personally, without anything at all in the way of basis, other than your fevered suppositions about me being ‘afraid’. I expect more from my interlocuters than insults. This post has been brought to you by the letters ‘f’ and ‘o’.

  8. well then, my apologies for reading into your post. i’m grown enough to admit when i’m wrong.
    one thing though. the north loves brinkmanship and timing their moves. watch for a missile launch around the time we start bombing iraq. you very well may see some fireworks if they roll a no-dong out on a launchpad. for one thing, japan won’t let them do it again. and if japan bombs nKorea, you better believe the norks will find some way to blame us and then the game is on. IMO, there will be a war there soon.. and it will be the north’s fault.

  9. I think you’re wrong (although that may be ‘hope’ as much as ‘think’) – my major reason for doing so is that Kim JI is well aware that the second he opens hostilities, the rest of the world, including America will stomp his ass to dust. He’s all about survival, no matter the cost, and it just wouldn’t make sense for him to do it unless there were absolutely no other options, I don’t think.

  10. not opening up to the outside world while your country falls apart doesn’t make much sense either. i don’t think KJI has much sense.

  11. I watched a news broadcast about children anti-war activists and I realized just how little they differ from adult anti-war activists. They were ignorant and weak. Adult anti-war activists tend to be, for the most part, ignorant and weak. They tend to be over weight, pot smoking and pathetic people who have little connection with reality. They also constantly put down their president and criticize the US, blindly. These people scoff at the notion that their protests would be better placed volunteering for burn clinics, food drives and anything else that lends a helping hand to people who actually need it. These people are incapable of looking outside of themselves, shooting for quick fixes and instant gratification. Protesting to them is the only form of social connection that they probably have ever had outside of drugs and television. Yeah, I could beat the fuck out of each and every one of you “shitweasels”. You are weak and pathetic. Look at yourself in the mirror, you effeminated, selfish rejects. Your parents probably hate the fact that you came from them. It was probably a mistake. The fucking condom broke during one of their drug orgies and the current anti-war movement was born. Yay.
    For everyone else, join the war movement and enlist. Fight for your country.

  12. Nice.
    I may not want a War for Bush, but I am totally confident in the fact that were I so inclined, I’d be able to kick your google-surfing ass without breaking a sweat, if I met you on the street.
    The point is that I might choose not to make you wimper like a child in the street, dipshit.

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