It’s like potato chips : once you start, it’s hard to stop.
Item the First : Lying is harder when the medium has a memory.
How about this one, kids?
Cached version at Interesting that the live version is no longer available. [via] (Followup : a call for his resignation is here.)
Item the Second : Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of clue!
Dvorak has a go at the Cluetrainers, and a very caustic go it is, indeed. “This means nothing …. Get over yourselves.” Found it via this Metatalk thread, which is hopefully going to be interesting. Regardless, I suspect this is going to be all over the place over the next couple of days…it will be interesting to see what Messrs Locke, Weinberger, Searls have to say in their defense. It’s always good to see a little pushback against accepted wisdom, but Mr Dvorak is certainly cranky about something

So I sez to da guy… comments.

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