Walters admits that the nearly $1 billion spent on anti-drug messages needs to be better used, and promises to refocus the campaign. Congress is expected soon to consider re-authorizing the $18 billion-per-year National Office of Drug Control Policy activities.”

Turns out the TV ads that these twisted, evil, moralistic little icepickers (to lift an epithet from Mojo Nixon) have been coming up with are actually encouraging kids to do drugs. That is sad and beautiful.
Sad only because the One Billion Dollars they spent on f–king advertisements telling people what they should and should not put into their very own personal bodies could actually have gone towards doing some good in the world. How many lives could 18 billion dollars save if it were spent on health care for the 40 million Americans who don’t have any, for example?
More Mojo :

“We’re gonna have a war on drugs?
a war on drugs…
We oughta have a war on war, suckers
We oughta have a war on this senseless condominium new car
shopping mall hell…”
Politics Chafe My Scrote

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  1. Elvis is everywhere, man!
    I ain’t gonna pee in no jar.

  2. Mojo rants just don’t translate into print that well, do they? Ah well. My favorite tunes by him are rantless, anyway. Positively Bodie’s Parking Lot, Wide Open, etc…

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