You are being lied to, clumsily.
Pass it on.
Also : Douglas Ord is having his synchronicity fuses blown, and expands on a boggling series of odd coincidences some of which were also noticed by the Bearman recently. The mind can take any set of events, or numbers, or words, and automagically see a serendipitous pattern in them – pattern recognition is what intelligence is, I think, at least in part – but sometimes the random patterns end up looking like the face of the Virgin Mary, and all synaptic hell breaks loose.
[both via wood s lot]
Also, while I’m at it : this is an interesting and quite plausible argument (to me, admittedly undereducated as I am on these matters) that the real reasons behind many of the decisions being made by the Bush administration with regard to throwing their geopolitical weight around is the “goal of preventing further Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) momentum towards the euro as an oil transaction currency standard.”
Not entirely free of spin, by any means, but worth a look. A lot of the dots seem to link up pretty damn well.

Politics Chafe My Scrote

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  1. liar liar pants on fire

    Thanks to the always-fab, I’ve been directed to the most concise summary of the lies the media has been

  2. charles linked that euro report the other day. i find it fascinating, and am doing some research to see if i can confirm any of this.
    fyi stav, some of the media outlets are actually beginning to pick up on this story (thanks in part to some very vocal bloggers). NPR did an entire hour on it during all things considered yesterday, and is picking up on it, too. good god, if anything, i hope this convinces some people that the motives for this war are dubious at best.
    thanks for continuing to spread the word.

  3. I’m not sure how much the press has picked up on this yet, but it appears that the recent Orange Alert upgrade was based on false testimony. Consider me, like, totally not surprised.

  4. I wonder how many more synapsis will be popping, now that seven people were killed on a highway just outside of Waco, Texas, “when a bus carrying a local church … swerved into oncoming traffic.”
    I’m not one for reading signs, but still.

  5. i’d dismiss that theory, RKB. that stretch of I-35 has been under construction for about two and a half years, and there have been numerous wrecks in the waco-temple area. as a matter of fact, two years ago my honey and me missed being smashed to bits by six inches (literally – a thirty-car plus two truck pileup began right behind our back bumper). there’s lots of blind hills and too much traffic for a four-lane highway. not a “sign” in this texan’s humble opinion. 😉
    but, i get your drift brother. i’m just sayin’….

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