Via MeFi and OW™, something else to be really pissed about, you know, after you’re finished with all the other things on your list.

This proposed law [..] “would radically expand law enforcement and intelligence gathering authorities, reduce or eliminate judicial oversight over surveillance, authorize secret arrests, create a DNA database based on unchecked executive ‘suspicion,’ create new death penalties, and even seek to take American citizenship away from persons who belong to or support disfavored political groups.”

How much more of this are Americans willing to take? How many more clear signals can there be that the principles for which their nation is claimed to stand are being dismantled and subverted by their almost-elected officials? What will it take to get them to wake the f–k up and throw these weasels out?
See, now I’m all grumpy again.

Politics Chafe My Scrote

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  1. Throw them out? Hell, we didn’t even let them in; they stormed the freaking place.
    Please explain to me how we can throw them out. I’d love to know. There used to be this quaint custom known as “voting” where we could do that, but they took that away from us too.

  2. There are not enough willing to lose it all (meaning home, job, etc.) in an effort to fight this. It’s like watching history move backwards and seeing how hitler did it. I could go on and on, but this is a tiny box.

  3. Americans don’t want to throw them out. Americans don’t even think they *are* weasels. Didn’t you see the last election? Aren’t you seeing the polls supporting all of this. Americans love loud mouth bullies. Americans love watching our military blow things up.
    It seems 60% of Americans are full-on idiots. Not a good thing in a Democracy. But it works fine if we don’t elect fascists like Bush & Co.
    Don’t hold your breath waiting for Americans to get worked up over losing civil liberties. We seem to be none too smart. As long as we have beer and McD’s and the correct version of the Bible and TV we’re happy.
    We’re fucking morons.

  4. sadly, i must agree with jon when he says that nobody cares until their pocketbook or their life is “directly affected” (and no, most people over here don’t get that indirect affect thing).
    as for the polls, bush’s numbers are sinking like a rock (finally). his job approval rating is now down to pre 9-11 levels (which is prolly why he wants to rush into war – you know how those things tend to inflate the old popularity ratings).
    as for the vote thing… only 20 more months of this shit and we can -try- and throw him out. unfortunately it’s going to take a definitive majority (60+%) to really get rid of him. cus you know, if anything is questionable, the RNC can always get the supreme court to re-anoint him. =(
    there are quite a few americans who are already actively working to get rid of him (myself included). but i tell you, if he is re-anointed in 2004, i’m fucking leaving. and i mean that with every bone in my body. i just hope there’s one place on earth he hasn’t blown up by then… australia anyone? new zealand? i hear they’re nuke free….

  5. OUTRAGE, Part 3

    I just completed a rather exhausting exercise. I scrolled through every one of Instapundit’s links. There are 239 of them (give or take 2 or 3) and most, but

  6. Yeah, as soon as I graduate in August I’m moving to China… at least the PRC doesn’t pretend to be a democracy…

  7. Same shit, different day. Negotiation 101 courtesy the Bush administration.
    Ask for everything. Ask for the fucking world. No taxes on dividends for all of our rich friends. Extra tax credit for SUV owners. Legalize federal wiretapping. Sneak corporate protection into the “Homeland Security” bill.
    Then, when those lousy stinking get-your-hands-off-of-me damn dirty liberals raise a fuss about the new *proposed* budget or law or whatever, the administration says “What? You got a problem with this? Fine. We’ll lop off this and this and that. Happy now? You gonna complain any more? We’re already practically bending over backwards, what with giving up the mandatory kindergten DNA tests.”
    Ask for the blazing sun, and, worst case, you’ll at least get the moon.

  8. I heard about on the radio the other day — some group is trying to throw them out. I don’t know how much power they have, or who they are really, but it’s a start. ralph up there is right, though… we didn’t vote them in. The election was a joke. Now the government is a joke, and our country is a joke, and I doubt there’s ever going to be anything we can do about it.

  9. I doubt there’s ever going to be anything we can do about it.
    I feel the same way in Canada. Nobody I know has any sense of control over our governments ( provincial, federal, even municipal ).
    Is it always gonna be like this? Is democracy done? The last time I remember the general public getting pissed off and making change involved unfair charging practices by one of the tv cable companies.
    I think the vast majority of us don’t deserve democracy. It’s not that we’re too stupid, just too damn lazy…

  10. Well, I’m 31 now and ever since I can remember I have wanted to be free. First taking to the road traveling this beautiful continent, then with dreams of living free and self sufficient. The more I look into it the more I find our government has got things fixed with so much redtape you can’t ever really be free. I want to know just how the hell we let an organization that supposed to coordinate our efforts for freedom totally dictate exactly what those limited freedoms can be….

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