Not a worst case scenario, actually. Not at all. I can think of worse, but if I concentrate on it too much, I feel like ripping the throat out of the next person who annoys me. Especially if they’re American.
Chicken little (but not inaccurate) quotable quote :

Take to the streets. Scream until your throat bleeds. Call whatever congressional leaders you know, full in the knowledge that you will be contacting a mob of failures, appeasers and political cowards. Make sure you can look at yourself in the mirror as this darkness falls. Above all else, do not succumb to despair.
You owe that much to yourself, your children and your nation as we fade to black.

Also : a powerful odor of mendacity.
Also also : not that it matters, but goddamn right.

More or less.
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Politics Chafe My Scrote