If for some reason you’re not reading cursor.org each and every ever-lovin’ day, well, I respectfully recommend that you start. Knowledge is power. Stoke the fires of your righteous resentment, then get the heck out there and try and make a difference, you big silly, you!
Or not. It’s your call. I’m just sayin’.
Also, this, I like.

Since the FBI warning is unnecessary to honest citizens and is ineffective in thwarting thieves, that means that last year the FBI stole 4,266,444 hours from American citizens. Assuming an average (don’t ask which type of average) salary of $50,000 in the US, that means the FBI stole $106,661,111.11 in lost productivity just from videotape viewers.

And : I want one of these. I’d love to see peoples’ faces as I arachno-commute to the university every morning driving that sucker… Almost enough to make me want to move back to my sh-tty little logging-industry hometown. Almost.


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  1. Heh. It reminds me of the contraption Sigourney Weaver used to fight the beast in Aliens.

  2. Oh yes, Cursor.org rules. Maybe the best site on the web, I mean, ya know, excepting Empty Bottle.

  3. The daft thing about the FBI warning and its international equivalents on DVDs is that it’s essentially just there to satisfy an aspect of the DVD standard, which specifies that one track must exist on each disc that can’t be skipped through. So what better to put there than the local legalese?

  4. Now that, I didn’t know. Thanks, nick!

  5. you know, i hadn’t really paid much attention to cursor.org until i read this. But thanks for the recommendation. it’s really quite good. And I had no idea that it based in my hometown. I feel oddly… proud.

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