Last week every second thread at the ‘filter seemed to have at least one mention of Neal Pollack, and how he’s tastier than pre-sliced cheese and better looking than that guy on the infomercial, you know, the one with the hair, and may or may not be America’s Greatest Living Writer. Me, I had no idea who this guy was.
So using the all the tools at my command, at great personal risk and expense, and by the grace of GOD, I tracked down his own Personal Website.
And he’s a pretty funny f–ker, you know?


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  1. The shtick gets old pretty quick, though. I picked up his book, and had a laugh for the first maybe quarter of the book. After that, it was like that scene in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure where he’s on the boxcar with the hobo who won’t stop singing “Jimmy Cracked Corn”.
    I leapt off the boxcar and into the night, running across the fields towards anyone but Neal Pollack.

  2. I hear ya. I too am leaping off the boxcar in real-time as I audioblog this – with my wireless laptop – after having just finished reading NP’s blog post (thanks Chris, for the link – I did find the relation imagery funny). I am leaping off because, I too, sense ‘more bite’ out there, and, just before reading the NP ditty, I had read the latest, most better, “Get Your War On” page and so I am feeling pretty spunking right now, and as I am running across the field towards that cabin over there in the now-not-so distance, with the loud party going on by the light of the fire place, and, as I now get closer, and I now open the door… Ooo! The merry makers go silent, 1-2-3-4-5, wow, for five seconds (it seems like forever!) – they just stared at me with straight – but drunken faces, (it smells of cherry wood, beer, wine, and aged cheddar), and now they are busting out in laughter and welcoming me in – “We’re Johnny Cheese’s crowd, my friend! Welcome in! Welcome In!”

  3. We are all Johnny Cheese! Or are we? I’m confused.
    It feels nice.

  4. Love that metabloggin. hmm does he have any blogshares left 🙂

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