…Instead I sit here alone at 4 AM arranging words to describe what is indescribable or what is not worth describing. And his arms tangle with the arms of someone else, for no better reason than that they just do. The heart of this pain: there is no why. There is no reason. Things just happen this way, and we have to stand by, silently, and watch.

Some lovely writing from a fellow Mefiosi, Evanizer. Via yet another member of this growing Metafilter-centred new kids on the block gang of bloggers, this nascent B-List, this renaissance of sorts, Iconomy.


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  1. new kids on the block gang of bloggers
    We’re the New Kids on the Block?
    The I get to be Donnie. He’s just dreamy. Plus, he’s a drunken arsonist, which is always a plus.

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