Here’s some amusing crap old and new to divert your attention from the fact that WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!
No, really.
Scrollbar racing.
A brief history of the codpiece. (I tried to start a fashion trend (being the trendmonger I am and always have been *snort*) when I was in university to Bring Back the Codpiece. It failed.)
WebCollage: Exterminate All Rational Thought
The power and the beauty of Crazy Drunk Guy. Have you accepted Crazy Drunk Guy as your Personal Saviour?
Hope you enjoyed that. I sure as heck did.


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  1. See today’s entry (8 July)at
    Wazzup there, huh?

  2. I’m sure you know that Eldridge Cleaver (the Black Panther) also tried to bring back the codpiece, only he incorporated it into the pants he designed, called “cleavers”. The radical-societal angle, I believe, was that allowing men to more openly display their sexuality would free them from having to actually act on it, and would also let men wear fancier and more colorful fabrics while still feeling suitably “masculine”. They didn’t fly, either.

  3. so commish, you own a codpiece?
    damn StWC, that scroll bar racing is going to take up my whole day.

  4. Is that evan izer with the bbc logo on that webcollage site? Just kidding evan. I don’t do the Soul on Ice codpiece any longer, but I never leave home without my merkin.

  5. Ah. The scrollbar races are much more enjoyable at home, where I don’t have the “additional QuickTime software” installed. It’s much more zen without the music.
    And the codpiece – doesn’t everyone?

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