Here are some neat things you may not have seen before :
The Kostnice Ossuary. BIT-101. Tom Vu says if you have no money or no credit to buy property, don’t worry about it! It’s Time To Bone! (Edit : contains nasty Lego Porn and is not at all safe for Eeksy-Peeky to watch at work or anywhere else that freaky animated porn disguised as ‘art’ might be unwelcome.)
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  1. I just learned an acronym — NSFW — but after the fact.

  2. You seriously didn’t know what that means? How long you been using the IntArWEb?
    OK, OK, I’ll change the label to something more descriptive. Hope you didn’t get sacked.

  3. They or I would have to be really lame for me to be sacked over a quick accidental peek at something like that. Which, come to think of it, makes me worry.
    No, I’m kidding. But, yes, I’m not up on webspeak, mainly because I’m allergic to it. I can’t stand “LOL” and “ROFLMAO” and the like, which make me think of CB chat of the “10-4 good buddy” variety. NSFW, though, looks like good useful shorthand.

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