In the first of what may become a hallowed ‘bottle tradition, universally praised and flatteringly imitated all around this mighty net of inters on which we play†, I offer you five links to five Most Excellent Personal Websites, Containing High Quality Words, Sentences, And Paragraphs, With the Added Attraction of Amusing Anecdotes‡, websites of whose existence you may or may not be aware, but nonetheless websites you should bookmark and enjoy on a daily basis if you have a shred of human decency left in your souls, you bastards*.

Share and enjoy.
† …or may, on the other hand, be a caffeine-fueled one-off. You never know.
‡ Apologies for the Comedy Capitalization. Cheap, I know, but I’m Feeling Whimsical.
* Just choking around, as we used to say in my crypto-racist hometown. Most of you aren’t bastards at all!

Links, People Say Stuff Sometimes

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  1. Stavros why so apologetic!
    “Most of you aren’t bastards at all!”
    You should have said:
    “Most of you assholes aren’t bastards at all!
    Have some more beer – maybe we’ll have to ship you some Moosehead or a good BC Microbrew 🙂 – you’re getting too mellow there guy! 🙂

  2. Well, I just might have my self a few this evening, DD, seeing as tomorrow is a public holiday and all. My palate is so ravaged by kimchi and Korean beer, though, that quality beer might well be wasted on me.
    Also, I am a complete bastard, and I admit this freely, and since I am so fond of myself, it follows (er, kinda) that calling someone a bastard is a sign of great affection!
    So there you go.

  3. So if “Bastard” is a term of endearment, clearly “Not a bastard at all” is an insult of the highest order.
    How dare you make such an accusation, you scally-wretched fishmonger, even if it’s utterly true?

  4. Also: Kimchi. Eeeewww.
    I mean, I can dig the Korean BBQ, and even tolerate that wierd, spongy deep-fried tofu (a food that ought to vanish in a puff of logic, a la NetHack), but kimchi?

  5. Stop confusing me, arto!
    Also : I love kimchi with a love pure and true. Yes, I’ve drunk the kool-aid, and am a convert. It is god’s own food.
    Wrap a chunk of fresh, still-warm tofu in a wad of kimchi (even better, kimchi thats been briefly sauteed in a little sesame oil)? That’s some kinda delicious, I’m telling ya.
    Old kimchi, the stinky, fermented kind, or new, still crunchy-leafed, just-made kimchi, I don’t care. Busan style kimchi, with oyster in? Bring it on!
    Mul kimchi, pal-do kimchi, whatever. There are a million kinds, and they’re all good. I’ve even taken to dipping kimchi in my beer, then eating it. The resultant flavoring of the beer, particularly if you’re a red-eye, ceasar, bloody mary fan like me, is exquisite!
    I am the wonderchicken, and I am a kimchi addict.
    But it does tend to make foods more…delicate…in flavour a little harder to appreciate. Not subtle.
    But then, neither am I.

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