Yes, I actually remembered something from one week to the next, it’s Friday in Korea, and so it’s time for another pulse-pounding, axle-snapping, gear-grinding installment of the Other Friday Five. So here are some personal websites of which you may or many not be aware, but you should be, by golly, if you’re not. A mixed bag this time, with a little something for everyone. Line on the left, one cross each.

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Bonus link : All this blog-reading I’ve been able to do lately has been entirely thanks to the most excellent Bloglines. I never thought I’d be an aggregator user (and I wish there were some way to tell how many people are reading my feeds), but I am now a convert. Hoopla!
[Postscript : it would make my world that much closer to perfect if everyone would be more free with their content, and include full text of their posts in their feeds, rather than a parsimonious little excerpt. There’s probably some good reason not to, but I don’t know what it is. Pretty please?]

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  1. Feedburner claims that they track how many people read your RSS feed. I haven’t actually tried the service, so caveat emptor.
    Did you like your present? 🙂

  2. Actually there is a way to tell if people are reading your feeds in bloglines. If they make their subscriptions public then when you click on subscribers next to your blog a list will show up.
    BTW – I love the layout of your blog.

  3. Thanks, Geodog, and blinger.
    I’m actually aware of the bloglines subscriber thing….I mentioned it here.

  4. Only semi-related, but speaking of things feedy, this is interesting.

  5. As to Bloglines – if you check your logs the agent actually mentions how many subscribers you have when it crawls your site 🙂

  6. I reed your feed. I really like not having to install software to use Bloglines. Very nice.

  7. Two reasons why people include little snippets:
    1) their blogging tool defaults to that.
    2) their RSS feed takes up too much bandwidth

  8. Well, shucks Stav, thanks. I’ll have to check out the Bloglines thing in detail sometime.

  9. Normally I’m all cutting-edge and stuff, but I despise reading feeds. It’s like reading a photocopy of a book — the information is all there but none of the presentation. But maybe I’m just funny like that…

  10. I was the same for the longest time, even coming up with a rallying cry against the feeders – I’m not a data source, I’m a human being! – but I’ve realized now how very useful this stuff is to doing all the web reading I’d like to do (although that’ll probably tip into too much again, and I’ll quit again).

  11. Dear Friends. As world events and domestic fear and oppression spread, there is a need for like minded people like us to have a safe haven. We have visited many places around the world and feel that a small island in Fiji is a wonderful alternative. During a recent ayahuasca ceremony with the Peruvian shaman Don Jose Campas, a vision for our intention of a place to move to came which is guiding me to send this information to you. Along with several other friends of mutual interests, we have already bought individual lots. Contact me if you would like more details. Basically it is a small island with white sand beaches, vast coral reefs, sparkling blue waters of the South Pacific, refreshing tradewinds, perfect year round weather and offering pleasurable relief to the mind and body of pressures and anxieties to modern life. Not meaning to sound like a real estate agent, but we are definitely excited and would like to share the opportunity. There are 500 inexpensive lots and half have been sold. There will be no more development on the island besides this one and 90% of the island will remain Fijian land trust. The best kava in the world is grown here and the situation very favorable for our spiritual freedom and neighbors with mutual interests. The web site is and the links are “land for sale” and then “Dere Bay.” Mention that you are friends of George and Stephanie so that your community focus would be understood. Also there is a land networking link at
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    This is a wonderful opportunity for living in a joyful neighborhood of diverse individuals with mutual interests while owning a part of one of the most beautiful places in the world. Walking, bikes, and horses are the main mode of transportation (a horse costs $100 here.) There is no polution and the dwellings are using solar power. Recently the center hosted a yoga and meditation retreat thus opening up more opportunities for the community. Many projects can be envisioned in consciousness research, permaculture and holistic healing. We look forward to seeing you there. But do think about it soon as there are only a limited number of lots and a rising number of reasons to find better alternatives for living. Even if you can’t move there yet or even full time, consider reserving a spot in our safe haven soon. Already the US government is making moves to take away passports for even small credit card debts while private prisons are spreading.
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    We wish all of you a Wonderful, Healthy and Happy New Year and look forward to the many pot luck and homecoming parties on Koro.
    George, Stephanie, John, Nicolette, and Sophia Douvris

  12. Fuck me, this is blog spam, but this is blog spam in which I’m actually interested, and probably not automated.
    What a conundrum! Delete, or no?

  13. Maybe, or maybe not, but as I was reading it, and dreams of being a utopian Koro Island dweller danced through my head, the thought struck me that there is no safe haven.
    The world is too small for that, and all moving to a beautiful tropical island accomplishes is just a fantasy. (Yes, perhaps an excellent fun filled fantasy, but a fantasy regardless.) And it sounds just too good to be true. I am just drinking my first cup of skepticism this morning though, so I could be wrong and ignoring it could be the worst mistake any of us makes. 🙂

  14. George Douvris, how much ayahuasca have you snorted over the years…? An interesting Canadian study recently linked a portion of the brain to out-of-body or so-called enlightened thoughts. George is too far gone to realize that hooking up a few electrodes to the noggin would give him all the escape he needs. I love the idea, but how much do you profit from this little venture…
    George, are you there?

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