Yes, it’s Friday again in Korea — the first time it’s been Friday in, like, a couple of months, thanks to new legislation outlawing Friday in Korea in favour of having Thursday twice to reduce alcohol consumption (you read it here first!) — and so time for the Other! Friday! Five! in which I provide precisely 5 hard-won links to some things that I quite enjoy, and you click on them, and everybody’s happy.
Some of our lovely contestants you may know, some you may not. It’s all good.
So without further ado, join me down in the government yard in Trenchtown, friends, and revel in the linky goodness.

[Post postscript : I’ve been daydreaming about The Before Times (™DV Polymedia) lately, and if the delicious frosty beverages I plan to consume this evening treat me right, I may have a tale or two to tell of those times when I should have (in the immortal words of Moe Berg) ended up dead in a ditch somewhere with a mind full of chemicals like some cheese-eating highschool boy. But didn’t.
What’s the point of doing stupid things unless you get at least a few amusing anecdotes out of it, right? Stay tuned to this channel!]


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  1. Damn! Now I understand this longish pre-weekend draught, resulting in, alas, dire lack of draught beer and varied foods frowned upon by me doctors and the Missus…
    Next time, please give me advance warning will ya?

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