It reminds me, at this early stage, of a hardboiled Chandleresque quantum-physics detective novel (yeah, before Dirk Gently) that me and a couple of guys I lived with in university were writing (and erasing) in installments on the messageboard of my dorm room. That was fun, and so is this.
But I had no idea what to do with Bea Arthur suddenly appearing…


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  1. What the hell have you done to iconomy’s story? Going to take some doing to lead on from where you dumped us, somewhere out in left field 😉

  2. I really like the idea, it’s just suffering from lack of participation.

  3. Me? Heck I was trying to bring it back from the apparition of Bea Arthur!

  4. ANY story is only improved by the sudden appearance of Bea Arthur! Any true hard-boiled novelist knows that.

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