I read this right after this and this, and I wonder a little, you know?
Not that I’m sure that Bb’s idea is one that will be workable, but crikey, Anil’s little shave-and-a-haircut there looks like some semi-deft spinnage to me. ‘course, I’m a great lover of conspiracy theories.

People Say Stuff Sometimes

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  1. hey, my buddy Kermit (yes, his real name) and I (and his LJ friend revxaos) were riffing on this very topic – not the joint hosting, but something akin to Anil’s comment – back in June. check it out: it’s Blog! It’s Blog! It’s personal it’s… journaly… it’s …. uh, words?…
    I’d think you’d like K, stavros – he has a similar cranky sense of humor – and his birthday is 2 days before yours.

  2. which discussion, in retracing the thread, seems to have come from my comments about you & Bb’s comments re: Meg’s article on O’Reilly. so it all comes full circle. 🙂

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