Jonathon is organizing a campaign to help Shelley – who’s got her back to the wall financially at the moment – keep weblogging. To lose her voice would diminish us all… if you offered to kick some money into a ‘save the wonderchicken’ fund, which I didn’t end up needing, you might consider dropping it into a ‘save the Burningbird’ fund instead. It would be a Good Thing To Do.

People Say Stuff Sometimes

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  1. So much to say

    The best thing about a road trip covering a lot of miles (4300 miles, round trip) is returning home, sleeping in one’s own bed, and waking up in the morning realizing that you don’t have to drive through the pouring rain. It looks like the storm that’s…

  2. Thanks Chris. Looks like we’ll both be around, kicking butt into the future.

  3. i’m curious as to what sort of bandwidth both you and your friend at burningbird are using each month (not many personal weblogs use more than a single gig per month) and why you don’t use a webhosting company that offers unlimited bandwidth as i do…? is it just a matter of not having found a company that does offer unlimited or are you guys just seriously, tapped out broke at the moment…? webhosting doesn’t have to be very expensive so it always confounds me when i see people worrying about “going dark”…

  4. i meant to also say that if you’re only using 2-3 gigs per month i could easily handle hosting either of you if you run into trouble again in the future. the main reason why i hold on to my domain these days (having lost all interest in hobby webdesign) is to continue the free hosting i’ve always offered.

  5. It’s all sorted, tracy, but thanks regardless for the offer!

  6. Also, you have about the coolest darn userprofile page at metafilter, evah!

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