I’ll think I’ll stick to the Fart Jokes and Wacky Tales henceforth. Might be best to leave the Big Thinkin’ to the Big Thinkers, yeah?
My tragic flaw is that I’m not clever enough to figure out if I’m being made fun of or not. And I hate like hell to be made fun of, ya know?
Edit : Like the big drunken boor that I pretend to be but secretly am (Mossman is really made of Moss, how boring is that?), I’ve sent abusive and angry messages to someone (psst..that’d be AKMA) because I thought I was being made fun of. My outrageous and pathetically demonstrative response arose in its entirety out of my sad and deeply personal unresolved childhood hurts. I apologize, sincerely, a thing I’ve been doing in response to blood I’ve drawn or hurt I’ve inflicted since I was a young man.
How many times can an apology be offered before it becomes a mantra? And how f–king sad is that?
I’m sorry, AKMA.

non compos mentis

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  1. Ridicule? Where?
    (Examines own post of yesterday linking StWC and hopes desperately that it doesn’t read like ridicule, lest I too am reduced by embarrassment to Fart Jokes and Wacky Tales, and I don’t do Fart Jokes…)

  2. Yo, Stavros: honest, everything was respect. Still is. Take it easy on yourself, and on me, too. What you said was worth talking about, and worth disagreeing about, and talking about where we disagree. You think plenty big–I’m sorry it upset you when I thought big, differently.

  3. AKMA, I hope you received the emails I sent you. My contrition for my temper tantrum knows no bounds, and I hope you can see your way clear to forgiving me, and letting me call you friend again.

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