A Korean friend recently explained to me why there are so freakin’ many crosses glowing in the night skyline of any Korean city, not even outnumbered by the Giant Glowing Bowling Pins of Pusan (recently reRomanized ‘Busan’, but I’m Old Skool HanGul). There are a lot of Christian churches in Korea, and a lot of Christians. The problem seems to be, though, that Korean folks have a marked tendency to be fractious about…well, pretty much everything. Why do you think the Korean War is still officially unfinished? Anyway, most churches apparently tend to have internal dissension about details of dogma, and fracture into sub-churches frequently and parthenogenetically. One of the concommitant beliefs in this constant splitting and recombining of congregations is a conviction that regardless of the actual size of your churchlet, if you have a bigger, brighter, or more clearly visible cross, you somehow win the dogmatic argument. You are presto-chango more Holy.
Thus, crosses galore.
As always, this story may be apocryphal, but I have heard it a few times from various Korean people.


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  2. Why do you think the Korean War is still officially unfinished?
    i do not want to answer this question. but think about that you(north and south) are the same. you used to be one family.

  3. I would like to make friendship to korean girl and boy.

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