A fine, blue, almost smogless Christmas day here in Seoul, and we took the opportunity to go to Seoul Grand Park, or more accurately, the Museum of Contemporary Art therein. But, of course, those of you who know me know that that’s not the real story : the interesting bit is that I had bondaeggi for the first time while sober, and quite enjoyed it. Bondaeggi is, of course, boiled, seasoned silkworm larvae, ladled into a paper cup from a big cauldron by one of the the ‘bondaegii ladies’ that squat every 10 metres or so along the concourse leading to Gwacheon subway station, and chant ‘bondaeggi bondaeggi bondaeggi’ until they’re hoarse.
It’s really quite yummy stuff, if slightly odd in texture. Leaves a bit of a nasty aftertaste too, but I suspect that’s as much from the grimy looking cauldron as it is from the bugs themselves.
Mmmm…it’s just not Xmas without some boiled grubs, I always say!