That was an astonishing semifinal game, and the Korean team makes me proud to be…
…well, you know. Canadian. Got caught up in it for a second, there. But honestly – what a well-fought, sportsmanlike, pulse-pounder of a match. sh-t like this might just make a sports fan of me after all these years.
(Edit : Although, clearly, there are some questions about the accuracy of the officiating.)
There’s going to be one hell of a party here tonight. The game just finished, and it’s cocktail hour on a Saturday night.


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  1. Spain. Shootout. Most fibrillating.

  2. congrats to Korea – hopefully they’ll continue to kick butt.

  3. yeah, when we win we go out in the streets of seoul and get drunk….when we loose we….go….out in the streets os seoul…and…get drunk.

  4. quarter-finals, not semi-. The semi-finals is today…
    By the way, talking about transcription, Hiddink’s first name is not pronounced Gus, Goss or whatever. It’s closer to Hu:s (long French ‘u’, not oo), with a VERY hard H. Very remote from Korea’s geo-sseu…

  5. quarter-finals, not semi-.
    …which shows how little I actually do know about sports….

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