A Spanish TV reporter, in a burst of inspiration apparently untempered by any inconvenient pretense of journalistic detachment, has purchased one of the meat-puppies on sale at a market in Ulsan and given him to the Spanish World Cup Team, who have made the pooch team mascot. This would seem to indicate that he will not end up on the dinner table. I will be surprised if the dog is actually taken with the team when they leave Korea.
Nonetheless, cleverly done.


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  1. They could take him home in a
    Nah. That’s been done.

  2. It made the news in Canada. Cute puppy!

  3. Is that soccer guy about to pick his nose?

  4. Have you been reading stuff about journalism lately?
    BTW, been pouring any boiling oil on any MeFi threads lately?

  5. dog meat is too greasy anyway.

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