She’s dirty all right, but no more so than the rest of the corrupt scumbags who run this circle-jerk cesspool of privilege.
She was rejected because she’s a woman, pure and simple.
f–kwits. Asshats. Crapclowns. I f–king loathe these self-satisfied, centre-of-everyone’s universe Korean men, and I loathe Korean politicians, who are not coincidentally almost without exception male, with a special nauseated red-eyed hatred that makes my head hum like a generator. Line these wrinkly old upper-caste cocksuckers up against a wall and mow them down, say I. The greedy old boys’ networks in this country will guarantee that it remains the sh-thole that it is for anyone who’s not part of their cadre. Slaves and their overlords, right down the line. The threadbare whip of Confucianism coupled with the half-understood yoke of transplanted Christianity keeping the poor poor and the rich rich, and anyone who’s not a high-born male in a position of eternal subservience.
f–k ’em.

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  1. No big surprise there. Only one would have hoped that a Korean woman in that position could have shown herself just a *slight* bit less prone to truly petty corruption and amazingly lame-ass excuses. Pitiful viewed from any angle.

  2. I know just where you are coming from – about 50% of our customers at work are Korean males and the way they stick together to back up each others’ lies and scheming drives me fucking nuts.

  3. Wonderchicken,
    This is not a comment about this post but one that I would have preferred to e-mail your way if I could have found a link to your e-mail. Possibly I did not look hard enough.
    In any case, I am having trouble reading your blog. The text seems to be running under the bar on the right. Is this something on my end or yours?
    I don’t know but, since I enjoy reading your rants and whatnot, I thought that I ought to advise you of my troubles.

  4. Richard – Damn, I thought I’d fixed problems on most browsers at most resolutions…what browser and version are you using, and at what resolution (this layout will only scrunch down to 800X600)?
    (Maybe I ought to put up a “Diet ‘bottle” as well, text-only…?)

  5. Asshat? My we’re feeling perky.
    I find it difficult to be outraged by politics when extensive experience demonstrates that one’s most cynical presuppositions are not only the truth, but the LEAST of the truth.
    U B da man STWC -R

  6. Thanks, Rex!
    Richard, I also rebuild my old template at, if that’s any better.
    Let me know…

  7. don’t straddle the fence now.. tell us how you really feel.

  8. Mr. Chicken,
    I am running Internet Explorer version 5.5. Not sure of the figures on my resolution at the moment. Perhaps that is something I should look into. Gracias!

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