Tonight, it’s all about Korea, Portugal, Poland and the USA.
The USA. Hooohoooo – that’s a good one.


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  1. At half-time, it’s 0:0 Korea and Portugal, and the Americans are down 2:0 against Poland. Despite the fact that I’m am Officially Uninterested in the World Cup, this shit is seriously exciting!

  2. When we lose in a few minutes, I’m holding you personally responsible for not racing over to the stadium and pitching in… c’mon, I’m sure you’ve got a couple of goals in you!

  3. Korea Wins! Poland Wins! America loses! How happy am I?
    *disclaimer : I feel a little bad about the whole Portugal-getting-knocked-out-thing, but what can I say? Also, I have never been a sports fan of any description until this evening. That was an amazing game between Korea and Portugal tonight.

  4. I’ve never jumped up and down, yelled, hooted like an ape, cheered, damn-near-wept, and been as happy for the accomplishments of a group of guys I’ve never met before as I was tonight. Let it be known that as much as I complain about Korea and the people in it sometimes, I am a Korea Supporter, and am ecstatic about their victory tonight. Strange thing, suh-por-chuh.

  5. this might be a little off topic.. but where is the Canadian team tonight?

  6. Oh my god, I was just reading the play by play on the net (with my fists clenched and shoulders hunched)… until Korea WON! I got all teary-eyed– Korea’s never made it to the second round in the world cup before today. Weird how periodic sports events makes me a rabid Korea fan for the duration.

  7. where is the Canadian team tonight?
    There’s a Canadian Team? Why did no one inform me of this?

  8. ‘where is the Canadian team tonight?’
    At their day jobs?
    I’ll go hide and cover my head now.

  9. ‘where is the Canadian team tonight?’
    In the tradition of Canadian hockey players who don’t make the playoffs, they’re playing golf, for a beer a hole…
    Interestingly (or not) there’s now more canadian kids playing soccer than hockey.
    Hey, korea helped the usa into the final 16!

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