Since the tone has gotten so damn high-falutin’ around here of late, what with talk of the WTO and such, I figured it must be time to drag it down into the gutter again. If you’re one of the 3 people left on the planet who hasn’t yet seen this Korean Flash game (warning – graphic depictions of poo falling from what would appear to be some sort of celestial lady’s bum. Think of the children, for the love of god!), here it is.
This isn’t just random wackiness, believe it or not. The ‘dong-jeem’ (which is what those yellow letters say when you catch one of the falling Kenny-From-South-Park’s that appear periodically) is a big schoolboy fave here.

  • Step 1 : Clasp the hands together.
  • Step 2 : Point the index fingers forward.
  • Step 3 : Ram said fingers up the bunghole of the nearest unsuspecting victim.
  • Step 4 : Laugh riot!
  • Years ago when I was teaching some elementary school kids in Pusan (an experience best forgotten), one of the kids tried the old dong-jeem on my unsuspecting waeguk bottom. Needless to say, he was a little taken aback at my reaction. The scars healed up nicely, though.
    (Joke. I don’t beat small children senseless, although I have been known to swallow them whole when they cross my bridge without permission.)
    Critical Anal Intrusion Update : Boong-ga Boong-ga, the bum molesting game that made the ‘net rounds a while ago, is memetically rising again, thanks to the Register et al. Once again, reassuring to know I’m on the cutting edge of Wacky Korean sh-t. Have a fun! Enjoy!