Given that Koreans are inclined — except in those areas of Seoul where us freakish, hairy, buttery barbarians are commonplace — to stare unblinking, or point and giggle when spotting a non-Korean, and are also known on occasion (when they’re pretty sure we’re not in earshot) to make westerners-as-apes jokes, this made me giggle. I don’t mind the stares as much as I used to, unless I’m having a bad day. I’ll probably have to get used to it again, living out in the boonies as we do now.
Anyway, I am so getting this made into a T-shirt.

lessons learned.jpg

The writing is Japanese, not Korean, but that’s OK. I’ll get that added in later. [found at The Site Which Must Not Be Named]

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  1. make that two, please, light blue for me 🙂

  2. Make that three – black, 95 cm chest for me.

  3. Can I get on board for this one? XL please, any colour. 🙂

  4. Hey I saw one of those crazy monkey signs in Miya-Jima.

  5. Heh. That’s a classic too, Steve. Going to have to start a whole clothing line!

  6. very funny!
    I wonder if the Koreans would ‘pick up on the joke’?

  7. i’m assuming you’ve seen this site?

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