A very philosophical flag it is, too.
South Korea’s Flag
All your sh-tty poison food are belong to us.
Not South Korea’s Flag

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  1. My cousins have always told me matter-of-factly that of course pepsi took that logo from the Korean flag. I tell them they’re full o crap, but they just pity me. (But they’re also the ones that swore that Gatorade was a Korean brand name and told me I was crazy for thinking it was an American brand. I told them only the really weird names are Korean– like Pocari Sweat)

  2. I only just noticed the resemblance today, after living in Korea for more than four years, in chunks, which proves almost conclusively that I am not nearly as clever as I like to think I am….

  3. Wow, I never noticed the resemblance!
    My brother was stationed in Korea over 3 decades ago (Camp Casey & Camp Hovey). He told me once somebody accidentally hung the Korean flag upside down…easy mistake but the natives didn’t like it, which is also understandable.

  4. Incidentally, I always thought the yin/yang symbol-thing was kinda cool.

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog. As much as I, a proud (do you detect the sarcasm?) “korean ex-pat” should be calling you a racist fuck…I cant…this is too funny. I never really paid any attention to the Pepsi sign. granted it does look, surprisingly like an eum-yang. when I was in high school I used to play the role of my ethnic stereotype and salute a Pepsi can everyday during lunch hour.

  6. Racist? Me? Dear lord, if that’s what you take away from the stuff I say here, I’ve been misrepresenting myself in the worst possible way.
    For the record : I am about as far from being a racist as it is possible to be. I admit that I frequently ridicule and abuse Korea, but I do that to everybody!
    I’m an equal-opportunity smart-ass!

  7. oh, im just saying..that, i a korean ex-pat…should, without objection, complain about every damn thing you post…just to fit the ethnic stereotype. im not saying youre a racist.

  8. This is to confirm that Seoul Searching International is, and will continue to, burn South Korean flags and use them as doormats at our offices until anti-American protests stop. Additionally, several South Korean flags have been cut up and used as toilet paper by our personnel. This is in direct response to invasions of the US Embassy in Seoul, and the recent assault and kidnap of American service members in Seoul in addition to the burning of US flags in Seoul. We will be adding photographs of our personnel burning and abusing South Korean flags shortly.

  9. Fuck Seoulsearching! Halfwits.
    Gimme an American flag to burn, stat!

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