The new train station nearest to our apartment beehive is about 75% percent finished, and you now go through the spiffy new electronic ticket checkers in the new building. The new signs, in standard yellow and black, are up, and are predictably loose with their interpretation of English. Not terribly amusing are the ones that have been put up here at Bugok and everywhere else as well, saying “Seoul Thorough”, which I assume is meant to mean something along the lines of “Seoul Direct” or “Seoul Express”.
The one that gave me a laugh today, and made people stare at me more than usual, was the sign that was clearly meant to say “Bugok Rolling Stock Yards” but somehow came out “Bugok Roiling Stork Yards”. I don’t know why I found this one so funny, but I’ve been laughing since I came out of the station. A very “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” flavour to that one : “Roiling Stork, Bubbly Lemur” …