Neil Young’s new album is now streaming. It kicks a fair quantity of ass. But you probably already know that, and if you’ve being paying attention, you also know that it waves the stiff central digit at George Bush and his administration. This makes me smile.
Here‘s a CNN cretin interviewing him about the album:

You can also download the entire album in mp3 format from here, and although that may not be strictly kosher, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. [Update: album’s been taken down, it seems.]
For some reason, they decided to bury the lyrics in idiotic scrolling marquees at the official site, so I’ve reproduced them in less annoying, non-scrolling style here.
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[Update: It’s a shame most of the songs are muddy, meandering fuzz-pedal wanks, musically, but I appreciate the intent and the sentiment, and I’ll try like hell to like ’em. Some music takes time. This shouldn’t, if Neil wants his heart-on-the-sleeve message heard, but what are you gonna do? I’d be inclined to give him a big kiss, then slap him on top of his nappy hippy head and ask him what the f–k he was thinking.]

Musical Interludes

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  1. Oh man, you get me all excitied and then send me to a dead link.. That sucks.

  2. Whoops, sorry, mate. He must’ve taken it down.

  3. Bugger, I was hoping to get the download too, guess I’ll look elsewhere.

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