One of the songs that was a soundtrack to some of my best wanderings, listened to again tonight, with a tear and a smile and a clutch of beers.
Episode 3 [.mp3, 4Mb] in the ‘bottle weekly song sharing festival of randomness. As usual, I’ll leave it up for two days. Enjoy.

The Waterboys – World Party
Well it’s got nothing to do with anything that is real
You just believe in it and it’s true
You can sooth like an angel or sigh like a saint
You can dream it and see it through
You will live to see a sea of lights
Sparkling on the face of a pearl
Climb your own peak
Find a new streak
Get yourself along to the world party (party!)
Now you’ve been building for yourself a cool place in the sand
You’re thinking that it’s mighty fine
You’ve got dust in your eyeballs, you got mud in your mouth
But it’s your head, it ain’t mine
I’ve got a madman of my own to contend with
Cursing in the cave of my skull
Turn the other cheek
Find a new streak
Get yourself along to the world party (party!)
Well I heard a rumour of a golden age
Somewhere back along the line
Maybe I dreamed it in a whisper or
Heard it in a spell
It was something to do with the sign of the times
And the only thing that I remember
Is a summer like a pretty girl
Who shimmers and shines
Moving in time
shaking to the beat of the heart of the world
Party (party! party! party! party!)
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