Reading Joey’s dispatches from the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, I had an idea. Now everyone hush a bit, because this is a rare thing, and even the slightest breath of wind could blow the little f–ker away….
I was thinking about the chronological organisation of blogs, and how, flexible as tools like Moveable Type are, allowing me to organise my posts by category, for example, (Old Empties – Categorically on the sidebar) or by how much interest visitors have had in discussing the things I’ve talked about (Recent Conversations on the sidebar), I hunger for a way to conceptually group things. The use of pre-defined categories still feels too rigid for me.
What would be cool, and what I’d like to put together if I had the 1337 5k1llz, would be a sort of Memepop, a Daypop that tracked the memes (ah crap, I am so sick of that word) ideas enjoying circulation in Blogspace at any given moment.
It would use the Google API perhaps, or perhaps not, but it would allow you to (via a XML-fed plugin to MT or Blogger maybe?) grab a quick list of the top 40 (say) ideas with mindshare amongst bloggers at any given moment (Domain hijacking, googlebombing, semitism and anti-, the ‘Creative Commons’ are some current examples), and flag your new post, if it were a thought that you wanted to drop into the river, as relating to that topic. This act of flagging then feeds back into the Memepool, and pushes the idea higher up into the consciousness of the Blog Hive Mind. A high level conceptual way to thread your way through Blogspace, to organise conversations from the bottom-up and later revisit them…
One big question would be how to cleverly populate that list in the first place…through human suggestions, or through some clever parsing of the Daypop Top 40 or it’s equivalent? I don’t know the answer to that. But I can see that once it reached a certain critical mass, it would be very very cool.
It would be mondo-groovy to be able to flag this post, for example, with consensus-created categories (dynamic ones, which might disappear again from the Top 40 in a week or two) “Emerging Tech Conference” and “Threading in Blogspace”, knowing that other people out there are flagging posts with the same ‘categories’, and be able to hit a site and see the threading, woven through blogspace, laid out for me, sorted chronologically or conceptually or otherwise…
Perhaps I’m just talking crap again. It gets hard to tell sometimes.


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  1. “Autonomy” – one of those neat, zillion-dollar products would probably work pretty well for this. Or “Topic.”

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