OK, the newish layout is live. With IE 6 it looks like crap at 800 by 600, and is still a little wonky at 1024 by 768, but my brain hurts, and I need a break.
Please let me know if the new layout is killing your browser. It would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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  1. looks lovely, stav.

  2. ever think of reintroducing orange?

  3. It’s not looking so great in 800×600 here at work – mostly because only the middle column is autostretch and the side columns wind up being wider than it. The only fix I can think of is to go with percentage widths for all three… Of course you still run into problems with things (pics, the calendar) breaking the layout.
    Yada yada. What does look good at 800×600? I’m sure when I get home to the deluxe OSX 1024 action, everything will be buttercakes.
    Welcome to the MT posse. Pretty neat, eh?

  4. Looking good in Opera 6.01

  5. Thanks all. And yes, Moveable Type does rock!

  6. Sucks on my monitor, Chris, but that’s OK :).

  7. I’ll try and make it look reasonable at lower resolution this weekend, Mike (which begins this evening) (I’m assuming that’s why it’s sucking on your PC)…

  8. another little quirk. For some reason that maple leaf picture doesn’t load regularly when I come to your site. And since you’ve got such a fuckin’ long alt text, the right column takes up almost the entire screen when that happens. (by the way, it’s lookin’ good for me otherwise).
    That is all.

  9. Good call, jonner. I forgot that that image was being hosted offsite from back before the .org days. Uploaded to the local server, should be there all the time now.

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