I found this through one of the referrer-tracking tools I have set up like laser tripwires around this site, and it looks like a potentially useful set of tools, particularly the ‘blogthread’ bit, which promises to track and graphically display conversation threads, much in the way that we’ve talked about (with Shelley usually in the pole position) a few times in the past around the neighbourhood.
I’ve added some code to the templates, and you can see a little ‘Blogthread’ link down there at the bottom of each post, which at the moment unfortunately seems to do sweet bugger-all. Perhaps it needs some time to get revved up. We shall see, on the morrow. I love a new toy.
Edit : Well, this seems to work, though. And this SVG-based graphical view is pretty snazzy too. Hmm. I think it’s hungry for data. Feed me!
(Wow : my hundredth post to ‘metablogging’. That’s positively wanktastic!)