My good buddy the mighty Bearman (why not go say hi – he’s one of the friendly ones!) has sent me a screenshot illustrating the sort of problem that yhbc was talking about here, on IE 5/5.5, with the new layout. I hope I’ve corrected it, but I don’t have access to that browser. If you’re using an older version of IE and things look messed up, please leave me a comment. Thanks!


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  1. yeah dude, it’s still messed up on my ie 5.5…

  2. Craptastic! OK, I’ve tweaked some more (fingers crossed)…

  3. Well, it is (at the moment) corrected for me at least! (Sorry I never sent in a screenshot). Thanks, WC.

  4. Not sure if you are talking about the bug where the page doesn’t load completely until you resize it but I have the same issue. It has been mentioned in the MT support forums and currently there is no fix. Just affects IE 5 & 6. Mozilla is fine.

  5. That last fix was the charm for me and my older IEs. Thanks — it is kind of nice to get to see new entries right away instead of having to wait till they got pushed down the page by even newer entries that I couldn’t see.

  6. Yay! Thanks folks. Please let me know if there are any other lingering problems, on any browser…

  7. Every time I bring up your site I can taste aspirin at the back of my throat.
    Not complaining, I’m just sayin’…

  8. Blog-bulimia? Or you been snortin’ wonderchicken droppings again?

  9. For those who are at all interested, I’ve had to kill the css-centering hack, which I borrowed from The Noodle Incident and seemed to be the problem on older IE browsers, for some reason. I’m quite certain it was my fiddling rather than the original css that was causing the problem.
    I actually do want the center column to be centred, but don’t really want to have to go back to a table-based layout. Poop.
    I’ll keep messing around, I guess.

  10. Also, this is the browser breakdown for the last many months :
    1. Internet Explorer 6.x 69.9 %
    2. Internet Explorer 5.x 20.6 %
    3. Netscape 6.x 6.7 %
    4. Internet Explorer 4.x 0.5 %
    5. Opera 6.x 0.5 %
    6. Netscape 3.x 0.5 %
    7. Netscape 4.x 0.5 %
    Unknown 1.0 %
    This is why I don’t much bother trying to make 4.x browsers happy…

  11. At first I though you were screwing up, but then I realized I was old-fashioned, a fuddy-duddy, a has-been, so I upgraded to IE 6.0 specially to read your site. Now chicks dig me and I’m captain of the varsity team.

  12. All I can say is ‘thank god it wasn’t me screwing up’.
    Well, I can also say : I dig you, Eeksy-P, you dreamboat you!

  13. Also, why’d you go and turn off your comments? Not that I often leave any, but when the urge strikes, I’d still like to be able to fling roses and kisses and such.

  14. This uncommenty situation started as an accident while playing around cluelessly, and then it became a fondness for the sparser look and the pathetic focus on my pathetic entries instead of on banter from visitors.
    More importantly, I don’t post the “let’s discuss this” sort of entry that you are so good at, so there’s not much need for comments in my blog anyway. People are supposed to discuss and debate your entries and come to some conclusion. Mine just are; you read and like them or you read them and don’t like them or you just don’t read them.
    I appreciate the occasional roses and kisses, maybe enough to turn comments back on someday, but I’ll try it without them for a bit. And I still have an e-mail address, so I remain fully complimentable and insultable and backward-compatible.

  15. By the way, the Jakob in me says you should make your blog the Home link, assuming that your blog is why 99 percent of your visitors are here and that’s the way you expect it to remain. Then the current Home page could be rolled into the Me page or demoted to a site map.

  16. FWIW, Stavros, the German-language version of IE 4.0 – which I was forced to use in a computer lab while travelling a few days ago – reduced this spiffing new layout to left-aligned mush. (Do I get a special prize for checking up on your blog while I was on holiday?)

  17. *gives Rory the Star Prize*
    *whistles nonchalantly*

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