I’m finding my self-imposed format here a little limiting, these days, and don’t quite know what to do. I want to continue talking about Korea, of course, and I have my blogversation to engage in mindless link propagation and boozy nostalgia with my old friend the Bearman, but I feel I could profitably add my 1.7 bits to the conversations that David Weinberger and Mike Sanders and Mike Golby and Chris Locke and AKMA and Tom Matrullo (and so on and so forth)(Update : Add OnePotMeal to the menu – the things he’s talking about at the moment are very much in line with thoughts I’ve been having as well.) are engaging in. I don’t think this is the right place to do it – there are some folks who come here for the Korea bits, even though there are also some who have written to tell me that they enjoy the occasional non-Korea-related rant or monologue more than the cross-cultural schtick. I’m wondering if I should start a meta-blog, or just post more meta (ie colourfully-boxed) stuff here, or what…
/me tugs beard, looks thoughtful.

Any advice gratefully accepted… comments.