No new updates on Rick so far this morning (I just woke up about an hour ago). I will continue to post any new info that is sent to me, or that I can find elsewhere, though.
(Update : see the comments on the post from yesterday for some news from Aaron, who’s been to the ICU unit, and spoken to Rick’s nurse.)
I would like to thank everyone for your emails of support and comments posted below. For myself, I was despairing a bit last night, and I wasn’t sure if writing about this in real-time was a good idea or not, but I hope and think now that it has been. And for Rick, I hope when he’s further down the road to recovery, he’ll be able to read this and see how much support there was out there for him, from people who know him and from people who don’t, yet.
I’ll keep you updated.
Update 1 : Not about Rick specifically, but a couple of links. Joe lives in Indonesia, and is following the story of the bombing closely. Tim Blair is a journalist for The Australian and has been blogging the tragedy in detail. He is clearly angry, but stops short of howling for vengeance, so far. There are others who are raging and calling for more blood and death. I won’t bother linking to them as well. There’s been enough killing (although, and I know it doesn’t make much sense, please understand that if I were put in a room with any of the bastards who put this bomb outside the Sari, they wouldn’t walk out of that room).
Via Jonathon in Sydney, Margo Kingston says in the Sydney Morning Herald :

I think finger-pointing and blame and jumping straight into anger and visions of revenge is dangerous displacement of feeling before feeling is fully felt. It also ignores the absence of facts upon which to analyse what has happened. This is our experience, and those who wish to define it for us and appropriate it to their cause can get stuffed.

Another link : For those who’ve never been to Kuta, this animated ‘infographic’ is good, to get an idea of where it all happened, and the extent of the destruction. It’s incredible that anyone made it out.
Later : My dear friend-that-I’ve-never-met Shelley writes, more eloquently than I am able at the moment :

As people who knew Rick leave comments, the person who Chris knows becomes someone we know. He isn’t faceless. There is no insulation from the pain and the horror of the Bali blast through emotionless news broadcasts, and political speeches.
Our sorrow and our grief for the families of those impacted by this act against humanity transcends old, stale borders of “warblogger” and “peace blogger”, and when I read Meryl and Dawn I am reminded that we all ultimately want the same thing in the end: peace.

I hope that she’s right. I hope she’s right.


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  1. Just to warn anybody else: The animated infographic turns to the stuff of nightmares. Don’t go there if you don’t have to.
    stavros, please: Most of us can’t be there in person. Have you any links or real-mail addresses where we could send money that would help the folks who were hurt in Bali?

  2. I have no idea, unfortunately, Janet – I’m in Korea – although I will try to find some online as soon as I can.
    This article says : “Most of the major non-government emergency aid organisations, such as Medecins Sans Frontieres, CARE Australia and the Australian Foundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific, have decided not to offer support to the Bali rescue operation at this stage.”
    Does anyone else have any suggestions for donations in the meantime?

  3. Meanwhile, I think I’m going to get blind drunk.

  4. Thanks Chris for all the work on this site which has helped to keep me (and so many others I’m sure) up to date on Rick’s situation.
    Ever since I got THE email from you last night I’ve been thinking about Rick constantly.
    There’s a whole lot of people here feeling for Rick – friends, workmates, my Mom and Keith. We’re all thinking of him big time and sending him our best wishes.
    I want to say something lighthearted – something that I know would make Rick chuckle as he does but it doesn’t seem quite appropriate at this moment. Really looking forward to breathing that sigh of relief.
    I am planning to fly to Melbourne on Monday if I can get a ticket sorted out tomorrow. Will keep you updated.
    Thanks again

  5. I went back to the hospital late this afternoon to try and catch up with Rick’s Father. Unfortunately I missed him. The nurse said she had given him my details and I guess he will call me tomorrow. He would have been pretty tired and overwhelmed from the flight/hospital etc.
    Rick was back in surgery this afternoon for what I was told was a minor procedure.
    I will visit again tomorrow morning.

  6. Nothing to say except to send my best wishes to you, Chris.
    And for what it’s worth, hopes for your friend’s recovery.

  7. This article about Rick appeared in today’s Province newspaper.
    Parents at bedside of son injured in Bali explosion
    Thursday, October 17, 2002
    BALI — On Friday Rick Gleason wrote e-mails from here to his former Lower Mainland co-workers.
    “Life is wonderful,” he said of the bars, beach and laid-back lifestyle in a holiday escape from his hectic job as a financial adviser.
    On Saturday he was caught in the bomb blast that rocked the resort town, killing nearly 200 people.
    Today, the amicable Gleason, 38, is listed in critical condition in a Melbourne, Australia, hospital.
    Ralph Gutterman, Gleason’s supervisor at Ethical Funds Inc. where he worked for about 11/2 years until last month, had nothing but praise for Gleason.
    “I enjoyed having him around the office,” said Gutterman, adding that Gleason had left the firm to look for more opportunities in Toronto, but first was seeking a holiday.
    “He was going to take a little bit of time and do some travelling. He was an adventurer type.
    “He was a good kid.”
    Gleason’s sister Roanna said from Calgary that his mother and father were both expected to be at his bedside by last night. Meanwhile, the large family of six children is “holding it together, burning up the lines on e-mail.”
    Roanna, 22, said she looked up to her older brother, who holds four degress and speaks five languages. He spent some of his youth in the Yukon, where Roanna stills lives.
    “He’s an awesome idol. It’s been awesome looking up to him as we were growing up.”
    Gleason is not married and was travelling by himself in Bali.
    Meanwhile, the country has seen a flood of holidayers cancelling their trips and fleeing home. But not all Canadians were in a hurry to return home.
    Mary and David Green of Mission felt the explosion at their hotel some five kilometres from the site of the attack. They considered heading straight back to Canada but decided they’d be safe as long as they stayed away from crowded areas.
    “There’s no way we’ll be going to busy restaurants or bars,” said David, a teacher.
    “We realized that this can happen anywhere in the world now,” added Mary, a supervisor with the Ministry of Human Resources.
    “It can happen if you go to Athens. It can happen if you go to Egypt. That’s the new reality.”
    Most other Canadians they’ve met during their stay have also refused to let the terrorists spoil their vacation plans. However, the Greens met a couple from Burnaby who had walked past the Sari Club just an hour before the bomb went off. They were intending to book a flight home as soon as possible.
    Meanwhile, the CIA issued a warning about a potential terror threat to Bali but no action was taken, a U.S. intelligence source told the British newspaper The Guardian last night.
    “It mentioned five or six potential targets, including — specifically — Bali,” the source.
    © Copyright 2002 The Province

  8. i’d like to rephrase my thoughts from yesterday.
    it’s amazing how small the world really is. thanks to the internet, we’ve been able to put a real, human face on the tragedy that occured in bali. i wouldn’t hesitate to say this would be near impossible a few years ago. i am so grateful to all the people who’ve decided to become active members of this community by sharing their thoughts and hopes and fears. this is truly amazing, and reinforces (to me anyway) the fact that we all really are living in one community: the world community. what happens on the other side of the earth surely effects all of us, and incidents like this really drive that point home.

  9. Bringing us all together: blogs?

    Chris’ friend Rick was injured in the Bali terrorist attack. Like Cory, I only know Rick through Chris, but I hope he’s ok.

  10. Rick’s Father just faxed me a press release. The important parts of which follow;
    Rick was the first patient to arrive at The Alfred and is understood to be considered as one of the five most critical of all the patients airlifted to Australia.
    He has received burns to 45% of his body and also serious injuries to his lungs, head and various other organs.
    He has had several operations already including skin grafts, and is expected to have more. It is anticipated that he will be in hospital at The Alfred for 2 to 3 months, before returning to Canada for treatment.
    The rest is fairly generic.
    Rick’s father left me a message saying he would call me later today.

  11. Thank you again Aaron. I wish the news was better – I’ve been trying to convince myself that he wasn’t as badly hurt as this would indicate.

  12. This via email from David MacKinnon, from Roanna, Rick’s sister :
    “The family has arranged to open a special trust account for those who might wish to make donations to help in offsetting some of Rick’s medical expenses while in Australia and upon his return to Canada.
    The Trust Account has been opened through the law office of Brian L. Morris in Whitehorse, Yukon.
    Donations may be made by sending a cheque or money order to:
    ‘Brian L. Morris, in trust for Rick Gleason’
    c/o: 202-100 Main Street Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 2A8
    or by sending it to:
    ‘Brian L. Morris, in trust for Rick Gleason’
    c/o Bank of Montreal
    111 Main Street
    P.O. Box 4400
    Whitehorse, YT Y1A 3T5
    Transit #0998”

  13. On Monday I will be on my way to Melbourne to be closer to Rick for a few days.

  14. That’s good news, Skip. Please keep us updated here or via email, and pass on my love and best wishes and all our support to his family.

  15. I love you Rick and I’m praying for you.
    Love the youngest (as Rick would say) of the Gleason Spawn,

  16. Dear Rick,
    My heart is out to you these days. The whole family is praying for you. We grew up together as kids in Whitehorse and had many great times together. The extended family sendslove and support to you and know that your a fighter. We will see you soon, so take care cousin. Love

  17. Welcome Heather and Melanie. It’s good to hear from you.

  18. Rick has been a friend since we first met at UBC. My thoughts are with Rick, his family and all his great pals out there. Thanks Chris for all the updates.

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