Dateline Sydney : This announcement of sorts on CommunityZero/thoseguys might as well serve as an opening screed :
Well, my friends, it’s time for another totally life-altering transition for me, and another boring anecdote for you! Ain’t that weirder than tits on a hovercraft!
After a couple of years (almost exactly 30 months to be precise) in Australia, which, despite the worship of sports, the casual racism, the anti-intellectual bent amonst the general populace countered by the preciosity and crypto-anglophile wankiness of the ‘urban elite’, the tall-poppy syndrome and the naked, unrestrained worship of power and money, is nonetheless a f–king Great Place, I’m going back to Korea. Don’t even get me started on Korea. There is so much wrong with Korea it’s … frightening.
But I love it there. The booziness, the honesty, the implicit understanding between men (and I say ‘men’ consciously) that friendship is the most important thing in your life and guides everything you do, in business and otherwise… the true human connection that puts to shame the Australian concept of ‘mates’, powerful as that is…. the genuine-ness of the way that Koreans relate to you, even if the relation is one of loathing because you’re a round-eye nigger (and I say ‘nigger’ consciously too)….I look forward to that. There’s so little political maneuvering, so little faking of respect or friendship. Plus the booze is cheap. Ah, I’m drunk and rambling. But this is an announcement of sorts, I guess. I’m outta Oz next week, and will hook up to the Net again in a few weeks…