It is true that I haven’t been writing much of anything of late, but I have been beavering away at various other projects; slapping together code and design ideas in my own haphazard, ill-organized and only occasionally successful style. Throw it against the screen and see what sticks!
I have these phases, when my beer-battered brain (mmm, beer batter) produces more squirts of pleasure-juice when it’s kept busy writing code as opposed to deathless prose. There are also times, of course, when the my brain is happier just sitting there in my brainpan marinating. Those times actually tend to outnumber my brief flurries of productivity. So it goes. My brain is my second favorite organ, like Woody said, and I willingly aquiesce to its frequent outlandish demands and coddle it after its temper tantrums.
I’ve got a couple of projects of my own that I’m fiddle-farting around with, including a redesign of the ancillary pages here at the ‘bottle, a separate Korea-centric site, and an all-singing, all-dancing Wonderchicken Industries™ Portal site as a free service to all those who just can’t seem to get enough of all things miraculous and fouwl.
Just off the presses, though, is a showcase site I built for ‘drinking buddy J’, my American friend and neighbour, who I’ve mentioned a few times here. Though no longer my neighbour — he’s girded his loins and left the comfortable Employment Womb that is Korea Inc, while remaining in Korea — we still enjoy sinking a few litres of beer together, even if it has to be virtually, via Skype. Did it last night, in fact. My head hurts.
So, anyway, J is an outdoorsman of great enthusiasm and no small erudition, and the set of foreign, English-speaking flora and fauna experts in Korea is a very tiny one indeed. It would probably be no exaggeration to say he’s one of, if not the, English-speaking authority on freshwater fishing in Korea. If you’re into that sort of thing, he’s setting up a guiding service as part of his new, self-employed life, and I recommend him wholeheartedly, even if I’m not personally all that big on the whole ‘fishing’ part of fishing.
He’s also a freelance writer, with a long and respectable series of publications to his credit, something I envy enormously. Of course, I am far too lazy and insecure about my skills to try to emulate that with any real diligence.
Wonderchicken Industries™: Waiting For The World To Beat A Path To The Door Since 2001.
So go visit him, have a look around. There are still a few rough edges and nailheads sticking out here and there, but I’m quite pleased with how the site came out. If you’re into fishing in Korea at all, well, drop him a line. Even better, if you work for a print publication that might be interested in buying some writing on the Korean outdoors, he’s your man.
Of course, if you work for a print publication that might be interested in buying some writing on pretty much anything else Korean, well, I work cheap. *nudge* And I’m usually unruffled by editorial excision of 90% of my uses of the word ‘f–k’. Usually.


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  1. Dude, just write about paint drying, it’ll still go over like gangbusters…

  2. Nicely done, but you might like to make those header images just a little wider, or come up with a solution for those of us running higher than 1024. The writing page’s header, in particular, causes trouble — white text on white text is very difficult to read (sober, drunk or otherwise).
    (not that I can talk… still running a default theme on my own site… slack, slack, slack)

  3. Yeah, I’m aware of that one. Also the [li] bullets going funky in Firefox on the Flyfishing page. Thanks for the headsup, though.

  4. when I first made my site firefox compliant I came across so many errors and little spots of code that I left abandoned amongst the gibberish.
    Firefox is really unforgiving.’
    Not sure if you solved the problem or not but mine was similar. It was my line style positioning.
    good work, I really like the colors and the headers.
    (oh and your gallery page dimensions seem to be smaller)

  5. Looks great, Mr. Chicken.
    By astounding coincidence I just finished overhauling the website for Venus’ prenatal classes last week. Spent two weeks finding cute (and free) JavaScripts to play with, tested it thouroughly on IE and FF, posted it and then found out that other IE installs saw the site differently. That resulted in a feverish couple of nights revision in order to make FF, IE (home) and IE (away) all show the same thing (and Opera to show something kooky but functional). Bleah.
    But I certainly sympathize with that compulsive, cerebral requirement to get in there and code now and then!

  6. “Wonderchicken Industries™: Waiting For The World To Beat A Path To The Door Since 2001.”
    Ah, you too!
    So far my strategy of “If you intend to build it, they will come” hasn’t been an overwhelming success — towhit, my 1-page, unfinished business site that I’ve paid AU$22/month to host for over a year now — but I am nothing if not patient.

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