Spring has sprung in Seoul, and the last few days have averaged about 10 degrees Celsius warmer than the average for this time of year; the prevailing winds from the East, which are unusual and have not only encouraged the blossoms to open but have cleared away some of the smog to which I have reluctantly become accustomed, well, those warm, cheek-tickling breezes have also made me hornier than a three-peckered billy goat, as my colourful character of step-father is given to say.
Perhaps it’s just death that has me tumescent. Apparently that happens, sometimes. Regardless, sex. Mmm, sex.


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  1. Yup, yup, yup. And mid life only seems to exacerbate it. Except we’re heading into autumn where I live. Except 2 or 3 years of depression kinda takes the edge off. The combination is somewhat like being ravenously hungry while having lost one’s sense of taste.
    Whatever. Enjoy 🙂

  2. Well, I could count this as a positive story about moving to South Korea — except I’m not married like you are.
    Pretty trees.

  3. spring has sprung in texas as well. i’ve been spending time trying to get back to the earth. been diggin’ in the yard, transplanting trees and bushes, planting some herbs… i just feel that this winter has been very hard on me both physically and psychologically, and it appears as though my circle of friends has been hit fairly hard as well. i’m hoping that a dose of sunshine, as well as the incredible process of life springing up around us right now, gives us all a chance to meditate on the miracle of the growing season. it’s such a contrast to the death and destruction we’ve been inundated with for the past few months.
    btw, i’d love to see some pictures of your korean surroundings. =) got a digicam?

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