I’ve been farting around with a sorta-new design, and your comments are welcome. Gooder, worserer? Look weird with your 5 year old browser?
I’ve done some checking with the latest Mozilla, Opera and IE versions, and it looks OK, but I’m too damn lazy to do much else. If it’s egregiously broken on your browser/OS combination, I’d hate love to hear about it, though. After having been patted on the head from a number of places around the web for this current design (which was never intended to be, like, flashy or anything, but was just what came out of my head when I was thinking about what I wanted the ‘bottle to look like), I’m hesitant to slap up something that blows or sucks or otherwise moves air about in an unpleasant fashion.
But I feel the need for a spring cleaning.
Thank you for your kind patronage.
(Edit : Also, as some small compensation for your debugging assistance, I offer you this, which is way cool, if you like stuff like that. I do.)


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  1. I love it. The date looks awesome.
    very nice 😉

  2. I just realized my green ‘quoted text’ boxes look a lot like Steve’s.
    Unconscious homage.

  3. Works fine in NS4(Better then the current one), but crashes Netscape 2, for which you are obviously some kind of bad and evil person who doesn’t care about readers.

  4. Urk! Old super design abandoned by the wayside… (it was your stylesheet that I, uh, borrowed when I was trying to work out how to do floating boxes in CSS)
    The new design looks good though – the only major complaint I have is that the bottom of quoted text boxes overlaps with the top line of the following text in IE5.0. I’d upload a snapshot for you if my server wasn’t down at the moment.

  5. An homage? Thanks!

  6. I dig it. It’s cleaner looking and a lot less busy.

  7. Works fine here:
    Opera 6.05
    Build 1140
    Platform Win32
    System Windows 2000
    Sun Java Runtime Environment 1.4
    But unfortunately I don’t really like either design.

  8. Digging the dates too, but really miss the scroll over sweet background style. It looks a bit like a backward step…

  9. I like the new design, but I also like the old design with the fixed background. Therefore, my opinion is basically worthless. btw, I had a fixed background once, but then it broke.

  10. *ponders what to do*
    A backward step would be wrong, wouldn’t it?

  11. I’m kinda with fishrush & mashton. The highway background should stay.

  12. Don’t listen to the doubters! You’re so on the right track. I’ll miss the highway too but whatever.
    Looks good in osx/safari/et al. I wish there was some space around your dashed title-picture boxes at the beginning of each post (this version and new version but that is so quibbling and minor (and probably mac-specific) that you should ignore it). I think it’s beaauutiful.

  13. I’ve been thinking about your design problems all day long, and, well…
    If you decide to keep the highway, would it be possible to make the line a dashed line, I mean really, there are no curvers or anything and you mean to tellus that this is a NO PASSING LANE?!? Who do you take us for a bunch of FOOLS!?! And could you change the color of the yellow line to a different shade of yellow?

  14. The new design works fine with IE 5.5 on Win2K. I don’t like it much, though. All the white hurts my eyes late at night, and the big gray type (dates, title) is both ugly and hard to read. Sorry if I am harsh. Still love the contents.
    I would love it if you could bump the type up a point or two, for us old farts with bad eyes.

  15. jusk skin the damn thing, stav 😉

  16. monica – I think that’s what I might end up doing. I was fiddling with a php skinning scripty thing a few months ago. Might be time to resurrect it.

  17. Me lookee, me likee. Seriously, it looks great – a lot cleaner than the current design, although the higway pic always intrigued me. Do you know where the pic is of, or is it just a random piece?
    The design works fine on Mozilla 1.2.1/XP, but you probably already know that.

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