Some things I’m angry about :

  • I have to travel 30 minutes by subway to buy cheese.
  • My shoes are stinky.
  • BBC World describes the shock and amazement with which ordinary people are reacting to the ‘greed, ineptitude and dishonesty’ of Big Companies like WorldCom and Enron and Xerox and so on. I tell you, ordinary goddamn people must be stupider than freakin’ cowsh-t. Every single large company I’ve ever worked for (and most small ones as well) have been nuts-deep in ‘greed, ineptitude and dishonesty’. Surely I can’t be the only one.hulk.jpg
  • George Walker f–king Bush.
  • This sanctimomious, prissy little pissant. I think I might tear him a new asshole pretty soon, and I might just let you folks in on the fun. Stay tuned.
  • 48 dead Afghani wedding guests.
  • That one student of mine in my summer class who keeps giving me this “I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about” look no matter what I say.
  • The fact that at the age of 36 my belly has finally gotten to that certain size where a little roll appears over the top of my pants when I sit like I am now, hunched forward over the keyboard. In the summer heat, this area then proceeds to become, well, slick with my juices is perhaps the best way to describe it. Not pleasant for anyone.
  • George Walker f–king Bush (again), Dick Cheney, and their gang of petty thugs and greed-driven white collar criminals.
  • Not being able to visit my mom this summer.
    How about you? What are you angry about? C’mon, vent. It’ll make ya feel better!

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    1. Re that article: A twenty-something male having a commitment crisis – who’d have thunk it?

    2. I should probably clarify that I don’t really disagree with him that much on his observations, but it’s precisely that sort of judgmental, stick-up-the-ass self-important public rectitude that’s kept me expatriate from my homeland for my entire adult life. And not only did this piece take up half the opinion page in one of the two only English language dailies in this country on Monday, but his byline where he claims for himself the status ‘professional writer’, when his prose has all the limpid clarity of a 14-year old girl having a hissy fit and forgetting to dot her i’s with hearts, is risible in the extreme.
      Q: Explosion in the adjective factory, sir! What should I do?
      A :Write a piece for the English newspaper, son – they’ll take anything at that rag, particularly if it makes them dirty furrinners look bad!
      Q : Right, chief!

    3. The problem seems to be: exaggeration for comic effect – good; exaggeration for plain ol’ effect – often bad. No doubt there are people of the sort he describes in Korea, but the sweeping generalisations do nothing but needlessly polarise the audience. But hey, that’s journalism.
      If he really does want to see the current intake replaced by wholesome, clean-cut Pat Boone clones, I’m sure there are many Western countries that’d be happy to offload a few.

    4. Totally unimportant side point, but I thought you were 38.
      And we all know what makes me mad…

    5. It is a testament to…well something bad, I guess, that (despite or maybe because of the fact that I haven’t had a drink in a couple of weeks) I had to sit here for literally two or three minutes thinking about how old I actually am.
      Yep. Took a while, but it’s 36 – I’ll be 37 in a few weeks.

    6. I get mad when people mistake “your” and “you’re.”
      It makes me want to hit them.

    7. What am I angry about?
      That the once great company I work for(almost done…and dont make me name it) has destroyed it self.
      That there’s a certain breed of human who dosen’t feel right unless he’s hauling something huge and unweildy behind his car, and that all of these people drive the same commute I do.
      That reese’s cookie cup miniatures seem to have ceased production.
      That the guys I work with think I’m weird for digging Tom Waits but look at me like I ‘m nuts when I say that Creed, Train and the like are “mediocre.”
      People who mislabel songs on file-sharing services:Don’t tease me by mislabeling Dusty Springfield’s version of “Son of a Preacher Man” as Janis Joplin, you moron. And the Kinks did not do “Louie Louie”
      That rushmc has taken over mefi to the point that a lotta my cyber buds seem to bailing.
      That ever since I quit smoking my pee smells especially ripe.

    8. My friend and former roommate, born in Liverpool, now subsisting in Taiwan, has suggested that I reside in the East for a year, if only for the reasons Rory points out. The last time I talked with him on the phone about English newspapers, he said, “Those wankers will take anything. You wouldn’t believe the kind of piss I have to read. You could get a job over here writing, no prob, Ed. They’ll publish anything to get their rocks off.”

    9. People who mislabel songs on file-sharing services:Don’t tease me by mislabeling Dusty Springfield’s version of “Son of a Preacher Man” as Janis Joplin, you moron. And the Kinks did not do “Louie Louie”
      I’m with you, brother. I’ve downloaded FAR FAR too many “Bob Dylan” songs that turn out to be Bruce Springsteen.
      I also don’t like:
      -People who feel the need to tell you that you’re “sexually frustrated” when you peel the labels off your beer.
      -People who assume I’m a republican, like themselves.
      -When they put rice in the salt shaker. I’m sure it serves a purpose, but it looks like maggots have formed.
      -Hooters Restaurant. Not for moral issues, but because their wing sauce sucks.
      -Those signs with the plastic letters that are always missing a few, giving you messages like ” TOP HER OR FRESH COFFE3″

    10. People who mislabel songs on file-sharing services…
      I agree, but lately I’d be happy to get that far–I can’t usually download the song to find out. Trust me, this puts my britches in a twist.

    11. I hate it when people volunteer details about the smell of their pee.

    12. My cat’s pee smells like cat food.

    13. (I don’t really have a cat. I’m just being silly.)

    14. KOREA? Sheesh, that’s just a very bad copy of only the bad things of Japan. For 18 years I’ve be shuttling between both skum-nations and I cannot IMAGINE why Koreans copy everthing Japanese (except that couple thousand years ago Japan tried to copy everthing Korean starting with their basturd Emperor).
      Ah, I feel better now…oh, nevermind….
      Hitachi Taro–deep in the fetid bowels of JapanInc.

    15. I think you would benefit from some basic economics courses. Of course companies are greedy! They would not be able to exist if they were not. Profit is what makes everyone work hard. Greed, in the economic sense, is good. I laugh when I hear senators talk about corporate greed and sloppy accounting. The government invented it! They wrote the laws that were supposed to regulate it!

    16. Bush is a fucking misserable monster. FUCK YA BUSH!!!!

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