I’ll be gone the next couple of days – to the mountains we go to try and recharge our batteries a bit. First time in literally years that my ladylove and I have actually gotten away for a few days to just relax and breath some clean air. I encourage all wonderchicken afficionados and fellow-worshippers at the Altar of The Empty Bottle to comment your hearts out on the crap I’ve posted lately, or not-so-lately even, as the new recent-comments gadget over on the right there will act as an All Seeing Eye for me.
Peace, love, and vegetable rights, my friends.


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  1. So you and your lady are kicking the smog and the lure of keyboards and visiting the mountains, eh? I’ll be interested in hearing a Canuck’s thoughts on Korean countryside.

  2. which mountains? Tell us when you come back.

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