Shelley heads-upified me that Brooke over at the Bitter Shack of Resentment has apparently submitted my Goodbye to Rick to Harper’s magazine as a “Readings” section candidate.
If the piece is actually published, I’m buying all of you a beer. Thanks, Brooke.


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  1. Make mine Newcastle.
    I can’t believe that you aren’t published regularly anywhere but on this site anyway. You have a way with the written word St. Avrosthe Wonderchicken (as evidence I offer your previous entry.) Nice to have you back.

  2. Hot damn! You’re back! Just found out through Burningbird.
    Putting you back up on my blogroll forthwith. I guess you can’t a good writer down indefinitely. Thank goodness.

  3. I’m a shitty editor. Meant to say, “can’t KEEP a good writer down . . .”

  4. Yeah, Tom. We left instructions with Stav’s family and bug, Bearman, to sit on him when he got to town — use a straight jacket if they had to — but the guy got away.
    Slippery little sucker, and they say in the movies.

  5. Oh. You wanted me to sit on him? Oops.
    Sorry, Stav.

  6. Bearman, you did what!?!
    Ouch. Musta hurt.

  7. Things did get a bit…er, fuzzy after that first bottle of scotch…

  8. Guinness, please.

  9. I wonder, Chicken, what do you think of the prevalence of US troops in South Korea with the recent “situation” up North

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