Wonderchicken vs Space Nerd!
I’m not sure how happy I am to be cast as a Bad Guy in Dune, The Musical, but hey, I’m happy to be cast at all. Beats waiting tables. You take the luck of the 268-million-strong draw, or you go home empty-handed. It’s not lost on me that the casting process occurred under the auspices of a bottle of The Macallan, either, which might explain my inclusion amongst the ranks of the better-known and slightly less prone to outbursts of borderline psychosis.
But it does make me especially happy to be slated to engage in mortal combat (whilst singing something heartstirring and suitably martial, one hopes) with Wil Wheaton. That oughta be heaps o’ fun… but now I’d better start reading his blog a little more often, to study up on his moves! Them Hollywood types is full of devious trickery, I’ve heard tell….
Put up your dukes, El Whea al’ Ton!


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  1. You could kick Wil’s butt any day of the week. But the singing…I dunno. Can Wonder Chicken’s sing?

  2. Like Louis Armstrong…

  3. …which can be fairly surreal when he’s singing old U2 songs.

  4. Louie Armstrong singing U2?
    (Come to think of it, that does scream WC, doesn’t it?)

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