When the movie Wayne’s World was released in Latin America, a lot of the film’s American idiom and idiosyncratic language didn’t translate well, if at all. As a result, many of the phrases and expressions were translated into something very different in the subtitles or dubbing.
For example, when Wayne exclaimed (much to my amusement, which is a shame with which I must forever deal) “Shyaaa! And monkeys might fly out of my butt!” it got changed to, “Yes, when Judgment Day comes,” or “Si, cuándo llegue el día del juicio.”
What I don’t get is why it was felt that Spanish speakers would find the image of monkeys flying from someone’s butt any less comprehensible or immediately interpretable as indicating a highly unlikely event than Anglophones would. I’m enormously curious now about how that phrase got translated in other languages when the movie was released elsewhere.
Most amusing, as really dumb things frequently are.

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  1. Isn’t that the third sign of the apocalypse? Monkeys flying out of some guy named Wayne’s butt?

  2. Almost as funny are the overdubs that those “parental control” boxes use. In Pulp Fiction, Samuel L. is asking for his wallet, the overdub says, “It’s the one that says Bad Clown.”

  3. To me monkeys flying out of one’s butt is less like Judgement Day and more like the Rapture.

  4. Chicky baby, you have this thing about butts. It leads those of us who are your friends to worry about your mental health, and general outlook in life.
    Let’s see if we understand the roots of all this butt/monkey/Judgement Day stuff.
    Were you breast fed when you were a baby?
    You were? Good. Good.
    Your Mom’s or your Dad’s?

  5. (covers incipient manboobies)
    *Ponders making possibly nausea-inducing remark about ‘man-milk’, then discards same as potentially injurious to his reputation as an upstanding member of the Blog U faculty.*

  6. Insightful. Seriously. That’s the kind of bent pointedness that keeps me coming back for the chickeny stavro-goodness.

  7. Thanks, Abie. ‘Bent pointedness’ is a pretty apt description of the StWC Experience, I think …

  8. What, you have your own experience, now? Who are you, friggin’ Jimi Hendrix?

  9. C’mon now. You know Jimi liked white girls.

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