A thought this morning that is a follow on of sorts from my Anti-America piece a couple of days ago, that I don’t have time to flesh out right now, but that I want to remember. This idea is in part why my little Anti-America post was not called Anti-American. It smacks a little of pop-psychology crap, and may be obvious to many, but the more I think about it, the more I feel it.
It seems de rigueur when people think and talk about themselves that they answer the question “What are you?” You know – I’m a Man, I’m a Democrat, I’m an American, I’m a Dyke, I’m a Rotarian, I’m a Patriot, I’m a Mother, I’m a Christian, I’m a Programmer, I’m a Liberal. (I’m a Woman, I’m a Republican, I’m a Korean, I’m a Heterosexual, I’m a Shriner, I’m an Activist, I’m a Father, I’m a Buddhist, I’m a Teacher, I’m a Conservative) And so on, in endless permutation.
I reckon this is a sure way to shred the last few tatters of one’s soul – defining oneself, and thinking about oneself in terms external and collective. And for many people, if my collective noun isn’t the same as your collective noun, you can easily be categorized as Other, and claws-out monkey shrieks and feces-flinging may well ensue.
Better to know the answer to the question : “Who are you?” Granted that this one is a hell of a lot harder to answer, perhaps.
The best answer has got to be “That’s for me to know, and you to find out! Nyah!”

Thoughts That, If Not Deep, Are At Least Wide

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  1. Don’t try to kid us, we all know you’re stravosthewonderchicken and you live at http://emptybottle.org/

  2. Precisely, my friend. Precisely.

  3. Who are you to be saying things like that 😉
    Actually, this brought to mind the Homeric form of hospitality that gave everyone the opportunity to welcome and observe a guest before the moment came for him to identify himself. It was almost as if, in their world, they thought: “Well, you can claim to be anyone you wish, but until we’ve had a look at you, don’t expect us to believe a word of it.”

  4. A more likely answer, though, is: That’s for me to find out and you to find out, too (if you are so inclined).

  5. Have tried to send an email to your link, but didn’t get recognised. Can you send me the e-mail address?

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