Today, one of the greats exeunted for the last time, took his last curtain call, and left us for that great playhouse in the sky. How could I tell the rollercoaster cinderella story of Skeleton Warrior, the passion and the pain, the sex and the drugs and the necrophiliac nights, better than he could himself :

“It comes and goes in waves. The fame, the luck, the depression. I’ve been letting it push me around for years,” his eyes gazed out to a lone surfer. “I think it’s time I finally got up on that board and rode it, show that f–ker who’s boss.”

Tributes are appearing all over the web to this great and underappreciated artist. Ride on, you bony bastard!


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  1. One of the Good Ones…

    One of Hollywood’s unsung Greats, Skeleton Warrior, passed away this weekend in his sleep. I first discovered Skeleton Warrior through

  2. RIP Skeleton Warrior

    Skeleton Warrior in better times. We met in Hollywood, in that crowd in the late sixties and early seventies that

  3. Ode to Skelaton Warrior

    Rest in everlasting peace, skeleton warrior. Blogfucker remembers. Eyeballkid mourns. Kafkaesque digs up the story behind the skull.

  4. RIP Skeleton Warrior

    Everyone’s mourning the passing of Skeleton Warrior, and you may be wondering why I have yet to mention it. Truth

    and then later… to find out he played the violin in that “devil went down to georgia song”… my god.

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